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make and develop educational programmes and concepts for various organisations and purposes. It could be a complete project from start to finish, including project management, but also separate (interactive) teaching methods, content or another part of a project. Apart from that I give workshops and advice, mainly in the field of citizenship education. This can be for formal or non-formal educational purposes either nationally or internationally.
I have knowledge and experience regarding strategy, didactics, pedagogy, content and organisation.


My website is in Dutch, but please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions on international projects I have previously worked on or what I can contribute to your organisation.

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In the beginning of 2020 I founded Niels Dekker Education. Until recently I also worked as Social Studies/Citizenship teacher at a vocational school, but now I'm a fulltime freelancer with multiple clients. This makes my working life active and diverse.


I have a degree as a teacher in Social Studies and Citizenship Education, which I received at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I did a minor on teaching in a coaching role and wrote my thesis on learning goals within citizenship education taught on a vocational level. My work experience includes teaching, project management, educational developing, training and being a board member. Consequently, I have know-how and experience in terms of strategy, didactics, pedagogy, content and organisation.


Through the different positions I have had (often simultaneously) over the last few years, I am very familiar in the national and international world of (citizenship) education in schools and for projects. For a couple of years now I have been an active member of the international NECE community and I took part in the project Education on Europe run by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.


Would you like to know what I can contribute to your organisation? Please get in contact.



Through my work I try to contribute to an honest, fair and more sociable world. Everyone must be entitled to the same opportunities as anyone else, no matter who you are, where you are or where you’re from. Everyone does this in their own way, some need more time, space and guidance. Every day a lot of things work out fine and there’s always more that connects people than that divides them. What doesn’t work well is there to solve together.



The learning revenue of the (final) product should always be top priority. What knowledge, skill, attitude or experience would you like your target group to grasp and how will you achieve that? Can you find a concrete way that motivates (intrinsically) and that is (pedagogically) safe? A creative process in which I use a combination of insights gained from research and practical experience. A process in which client, stakeholder and the target group are always involved. I have a hands-on mentality and without losing sight of quality and detail, I can switch quickly whilst at work. This process produces educational material, teaching methods, workshops and (guest) lectures that will instantly appeal to both teacher and student. Workshops that provide you with knowledge you can immediately apply in practice and advice that will actually help you along.

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